Meet the startups selected in the second round of the program

Meet the startups selected in the second round of the program

The second call of the Start-up Brazil program in 2013 selected 62 technology-based startups. The Official Federal Gazette issued on Wednesday (18th) the names of the elected companies. There are 53 national and 8 foreign projects to be accelerated by the federal government program.The Startup Brazil program was launched in November 2012, in São Paulo, and has qualified for this year’s cycle 9 accelerators that currently drive the development of 48 startups, enabled on the first call of the official announcement. The 62 newcomers were chosen among 709 companies listed, being 531 Brazilian and 178 foreign, and can get grants of up to R$200,000.00 which is a public resources support that adds to the accelerator’s investment.“With the program, the government is showing the importance of entrepreneurship in the high-tech industry, especially to establish continuity in the operation,” says the computer Secretary for the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Policies (MCTI), Virgilio Almeida. “We want young people to create competitive software companies in Brazil and to develop world-class products.”

The secretary emphasizes the regularity to be established by Start-up Brazil. For 2014, he ensures that the program will repeat this year´s cycle with the launching of two calls for 50 startups each, one in March and another in the second semester of the year. In addition, the official announcement for new accelerators qualification is open until January 31st, with up to 12 slots.

The Information and Communication Technologies Policies Director of MCTI, Rafael Moreira, points out that the 9 accelerators that today move start-up Brazil also need to participate in the new official announcement to remain in the program. “They don’t have privileged seats” he points out.


According to Moreira, the 62 selected startups can be accelerated from the second half of February. Just as it occurred in the process of choosing from the first semester, the 531 national companies listed are concentrated in the South and Southeast regions, accounting for 79.4% of applications. For the Director, in spite of the concentration – “a feature of the entrepreneurial movement itself” – there is a growing trend in the Northeast.

Out of the 53 domestic companies selected in the second call, 19 are from São Paulo, 6 from Minas Gerais, 5 from Rio de Janeiro State, 4 from Ceara, 3 from Alagoas, 3 from Paraná, 3 from  Pernambuco, 3 Rio Grande do Norte, 2 from Goiana, 2 from Brasilia, 1 Santa Catarina, 1 Rio Grande do Sul and 1 from Para.

Among the 178 foreign startups entered, there was greater geographical dilution compared to the first call of the year. The United States still leads, although with fewer numbers now. “What caught our attention, from the point of view of international applications, is the greater participation of entrepreneurs from Latin America, mainly from Argentina, with 14%, followed by Chile with 11.8% of all applications”, emphasizes Moreira. Three of the nine overseas projects selected are from Argentina. Two companies come from the United States. Chile, the Netherlands, India and United Kingdom have one representative each.

The Start-up Brazil is a federal government program, created by MCTI to aggregate a set of actors and institutions in favor of technology-based entrepreneurship. National and international calls are made by the National Scientific and Technological Development Council (Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico – (CNPq/MCTI) and by the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (Apex-Brazil), respectively. The initiative is part of the Strategic Program for Software and Information Technology Services (TI Maior).