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The Association for Promotion of Brazilian Software Excellence (Softex) has conducted since 1996 support, development and promotion initiatives to boost the Brazilian IT Software & Service Industry, one of the biggest worldwide, known for its creativity, competence and source of talents.

With projects in the areas of quality, investments, internationalization, intelligence and innovation, Softex, as Public Interest Civil Society Organization (‘OSCIP’), contributes significantly toward increasing the competitiveness of companies from the sector and has a strategic role in the national and international success of these companies.

Designated by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (‘MCTI’) to act as manager of the Program for Promotion of Brazilian Software Excellence – SOFTEX Program, the entity benefits over 2 thousand companies in the entire national territory through a network made up of 20 regional agents. This Softex System guarantees an efficient aid in the operational, financing and qualification areas of associate companies through a broad and solid articulation of partners from the private initiative, government and academia.